L.J. and Tony are No. 2 and 1 respectively after seven weeks in the Philippines. Credit: Getty Images L.J. and Tony are No. 2 and 1 respectively after seven weeks in the Philippines. Credit: CBS Television Network

In an exhilarating edition of Survivor, there was a merge into one tribe. There was a classic endurance immunity challenge. There was the introduction of a new hidden immunity idol with "special powers."

But every one of those pale in comparison to one of the most ridiculous tribal council's in the history of the game. So much so that even Jeff Probst was mouthing "wow " as the contestants went to cast their votes.


With the alliances divided 6-5 and former Appari members holding the slim majority, Tony knew he had to make some noise. And boy did he.

First he admitted to having an idol, a shocker to everyone but the viewer. Than he told the council he would be willing to give it up to protect a member of his alliance of five. And after the vote, he used the idol not for himself, but for L.J, whom he felt was threatened and a possible first member of the jury.

But then, feeling compelled by the "bro code" that brings together so many male competitors in the heat of battle, L.J, shocked the game by saying he had an idol, and after revealing it, he played it for Tony.

When the votes were counted, surprise surprise, none of it mattered. Thanks to some last minute maneuvering (Appari alliance members were seen mouthing "second choice" to each other just prior to the vote), by a 6-5 margin, Sarah was voted out over Jeffra. Sarah, a member of the majority, was sent home by a change of heart from Kass, likely spurred by a conversation with Trish, the former Solari member and minority castaway.

After Sarah left the tribal council area, it was only fitting that Spencer told Kass she was done, underlining the severity of her decision to make herself a target and work against her pact.

Lost in the drama of tribal was a pretty exciting immunity challenge, one that saw Woo outlast everyone standing on a ledge in the ocean for over a half hour, going neck-and-neck with Tony for the first necklace of the season.

After the dust settled, the cream certainly came to the top following the conclusion of Episode 6.

Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings, Week 7

  1. Tony: Sure, Kass cast the deciding vote, and Trish convinced her to do so. But the power moves made by Tony to protect his tribe, showing he would sacrifice his own idol and stick to his five-man alliance keeps him on top. For now. (Last week: 1)

  2. L.J.: It isn't often that you see two idols played in one tribal council. And sure, he could have held on to it and taken a chance. But he showed the same dedication to his team that Tony did and he certainly is a lead candidate to find another idol. (Last week: 3)

  3. Woo: He won the individual immunity showing great strength and endurance. He has slowly become a threat in the game and could wind up quietly getting pretty far in it. (Last week: 2)

  4. Kass: She made herself the deciding vote, leaving her alliance in the dust and voting out the pompous and annoying Sarah (who enjoyed maybe the most screen time of anyone in a Survivor episode in a long time). But now she could fall to the bottom after betraying her team. (Last week: 5)

  5. Trish: Very subtly, Trish is showing she is a contender. She had the idea to approach the other tribe about flipping to vote out Sarah. And she correctly gauged that Kass was the right person to attempt to flip. (Last week: 4)

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