mile high destination themed dinner flight attendant cocktails The menus and drinks change with each Mile High destination.

There aren’t many things that can make a woman nostalgic for the 1950s. But the current state of air travel is one of them. Happily, the friendly skies have not been entirely consigned to the past.

Mile High takes the concept of what flying used to be — a glamorous affair with Champagne, fancy dress, and as concerned with having a good time as arriving on time — and turns it into a themed evening with drinks and dinner inspired by the itinerary. Following four sold-out themed dinners in London, the British capital is the destination for the pop-up’s two-week run in the Lower East Side.


Walking into the departure lounge, guests are greeted at a check-in desk and given their tickets and passports, which are stamped to redeem for two glasses of Champagne Taittinger.

The cabin crew circulate with trays of bar snacks and British charm (“If you require anything during this flight, don’t hesitate to ask me,” says steward Richard, wearing a kilt and a wink). The accents aren’t fake, so speaking with them is itself like a quick tour of the U.K.

Once “boarded” there are no coach seats, only two long tables set in a Pall Mall-inspired room with a large portrait of Winston Churchill presiding over the four-course meal. Yes, the fare is British, and it’s good.

So dress your best, but make sure your heels are low enough to boogie in the preflight lounge after dinner, where the first officer swaps his instrument panel for a DJ setup. If flying ever was like the Mile High experience, then we’ve truly lost something special.

Mile High: Destination London
Through Oct. 4, 7 p.m.
168 Bowery St.

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