Demi Moore not only stole Freddy Moore's heart, but she also took his name, and never gave it back, through two subsequent marriages. Guess Demi Guynes doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?

So in 1980, she married this singer who was 12 years her senior. Before you gasp at this age difference, you should know that Moore's third husband, Ashton Kutcher, was 15 years her junior. So the age range in the Demi Moore Ex-husbands Club (DMEC) is from 36 to 64.

Anyway, check out this video for The Nu-Kats, the band that Freddy Moore led in 1982, to see 19-year-old Demi, bathed in high cheekbone rouge, mugging like Lolita with a 1980s side pony tail and doing the "Risky Business" sunglasses drop.


What's interesting to note is that Demi also co-wrote the sax-heavy song. Though it wasn't necessarily a bona fide hit, her second husband, Bruce Willis (who she is eight years younger than, if you must know) must have been aware of "It's Not A Rumour," right? So how on earth did it come to pass that they named their first daughter Rumer?

See Freddy talk about the brief romantic partnership and the brief songwriting partnership.

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