On Jan. 15, 1967, the Rolling Stones appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show." NBD, right? By that time the Stones had already performed on the show a number of times.

But Ed Sullivan asked Mick Jagger to change the words from "Let's Spend the Night Together," which was only the TITLE of their single, to "Let's Spend Some Time Together."

It's hard to find this performance online as there's a great DVD compilation of the Stones' appearances on the Sullivan show for sale, so to commemorate the 47th anniversary of this occasion, we supply you with an extra bonus: some dude showing you how to play Bill Wyman's bass line!

Even with the actual performance relegated to the corner of the screen, you can still see Jagger roll his eyes as he complies with the wishes of his host.


But even this gesture pissed off Ed Sullivan! Not long after the performance, the host announced that the Stones would never play his show again. He had done that before though (as early as after their first time on the show, criticizing their unkempt appearance). In the end though, as the DVD proves, Sullivan welcomed the band back — the Stones performed a total of six times on his show.

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