In 1963, producer Phil Spector assembled a group of the artists on his record label and released the very first rock 'n' roll Christmas album.

Spector was a notoriously difficult personality, and yeah, he would eventually be convicted of murder.

But we got Darlene Love to talk about all of this on our holiday edition of the Metro Monthly Music Podcast, so we don't need to rehash all of that here.

What we're here to rehash is this 80s-tacular medley of some of the best songs on that compilation. So much hair! So many mustard-colored suits! So shoulder-pad-tastic! And to top it all off, Philip Michael Thomas, who played Tubbs on the hit show "Miami Vice," (you do remember that, don't you?) was the host of whatever this amazing special was.


What star-power! Who cares if their fashion choices are ill-advised, this is the holiday season, and part of the spirit is to forgive, right?

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