Sorry for making you feel old, but if you had a kid when the Strokes released their "Modern Age" EP, then that kid would be old enough to mouth off at you.

It was on Jan. 22 in 2001* that Julian Casablancas and company unleashed their simple, melodic rock onto the world through the U.K. label Rough Trade. The EP sparked a biiiig bidding war for the little NYC band. It wasn't long after this day 13 years ago that dozens of other bands said, "Hey, I can do that too," and a movement was born.

Check out this version of the band playing the title track of the EP. The coolest thing may be how if you listen on headphones, Nick Valensi's guitar is on the left and Albert Hammond Jr.'s guitar is on the right. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture and drummer Fabrizio Moretti hold down the backbeat quite capably. And they all look so young!

After viewing this video, check out the original "Modern Age" EP. The songs are all different versions from the ones that eventually appeared on their debut LP, "Is This It."


*=Some sources say it was a week later, on Jan. 29!

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