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With every ending comes a new beginning, and tonight, in the wake of Emily’s death, we meet another character from Amanda’s past. More on that later.

So what did we think of Helen Hunt's "Revenge" directorial debut? That's right, your favorite 90s actress has a new obsession, just like the rest of us. Let's play catch-up.


Amanda is still a wreck after Emily’s death aboard the boat last week. Nolan’s trying to be the voice of reason as she searches for her gun—she needs to slow down—but Amanda’s shaking and warns him not to tell her to let go of her plan for retribution. She finds the Emily’s locket, which has on one side a picture of baby Carl, and on the other Jack—it’s pasted over a photo of her and Amanda.

Conrad and Victoria are stressed about the computer on board that boat—it has all the evidence to implicate them. Daniel can’t believe all this is still going down and vows to “shut these barbarians down.” That creepy new Initiative leader Trask calls and Conrad tells him it’s not what they’ve done, but what Nate Ryan has done. They meet with Trask and blame Nate for this mess—he tricked them into confirming the computer existed and Emily used the evidence as ransom. That's not really what happened, but Jack’s the only one who can refute this story; therefore, it’s important they place nice with him. And they also want Trask to leave Daniel alone.

Trask calls Daniel and introduces himself, since Helen Crowley has “moved on” (really, she’s lying in a ditch somewhere). Aidan comes into Daniel’s office asking for another chance to be part of his team.

Amanda is at the Stowaway looking around Emily’s room when who pops in with a fake search warrant but Trask. It’s about time they met. Trask gets a call that they’ve found a female’s body and that “Amanda’s” sister is going to identify the body. Poor Charlotte!

Ashley is getting a bit sassy—“did you kill Amanda Clarke?” she asks Conrad point-blank. But as much as she thinks she’s removed from this, Conrad reminds her that she’s been his architect through this whole mess.

Padma’s deadline to give Carrion to the Initiative is fast approaching. Nolan says he won’t hand it over until they prove her dad is still alive. He doesn’t know Helen is dead and says he’ll go through her phone records for information. She gives him a tender kiss on the cheek. While he’s investigating, Nolan realizes the Graysons killed Helen and tried to make it look like Amanda did it. Later, Daniel confronts Nolan at the office to make sure the Carrion program gets destroyed.

After IDing Emily’s body, Charlotte talks Victoria with baby Carl in the room. Victoria, menacing beast she is, is using this sad time as an opportunity to get close to Charlotte again. They’re chatting about Grandma Grayson’s funeral, and Charlotte is sad that she can’t think of anyone who will come to Emily’s (Amanda’s) service. Daniel texts Victoria that he needs to see her, and Charlotte uses the alone time to do some Googling on her half-sister.

Amanda’s looking for the computer while on the phone with Nolan, who, God bless him, refers to himself as “life’s pawn. Who’s moving me next?” Poor guy! Just then they get word that Jack’s coming out of his coma. Everyone heads to the hospital.

Jack wakes up and immediately asks about Amanda. Emily tells him. He’s understandably devastated, though I thought it was a little unrealistic he came to his senses and could fully grasp this situation so quickly. Conrad is at the hospital too, and although Amanda tells him now’s not the best time to be here, Jack is insistent on speaking with him alone.

Conrad says he’ll pay for Jack’s hospital bills (anyone else get a “Walk to Remember” flashback here? Just me? OK, moving on.) Going with his plan, Conrad is kissing Jack’s ass. But when Conrad leaves, Jack tells Amanda that he knows the real story, about them framing her father and having to murder her next. He needs the computer with the evidence against the Graysons. Amanda insists that he not tell anyone this and that he’s much safer in the hospital than running out and trying to exact revenge. After all, that’s her job.

Over drinks at a swanky bar, Daniel tells Victoria that he wants out. Everything they have is blood money. Victoria says that if he wants to rid himself of them, he has to do it strategically. Where to start: Seeing if Aidan is trustworthy, since he’s recently come back in the picture. Victoria suggests having him execute some trades that Trask ordered. If he does it, we’ll know he’s OK, because if he was evil, he wouldn’t want his hands all over those deals.

Jack asks Amanda to give his wife’s eulogy, since in the wake of everything he feels like he didn’t even know his wife. Amanda tries to coax him that the love she had for him was real. Jack gets really mad and smashes the jar of seaglass "Amanda" and he had collected when they were younger. Inside the broken pieces, Jack spots a key.

Charlotte continues Googling “Amanda”s history –she tells Amanda she’s sad that she never really got to know her, especially since she had this whole foster system past she never knew about. Amanda leaves and Charlotte gets an IM from someone named Eli James asking if she’s still looking for Amanda’s foster brother. The plot thickens! Elsewhere, Daniel asks Aidan to make those trades and he’s happy to go through with it.

Jack knows just where the code leads—a locker at a marina, where inside he finds the computer that everyone’s been looking for. Too bad he can’t figure out the password. Because he’s Nolan and has access to every technology ever, Nolan realizes that someone at the Stowaway turned on the computer. Oh no, not Jack! If Jack gets a hold of all the information, they’ll come after him next. And, he’ll figure out that his wife wasn’t really Amanda after all.

Sporting a seriously uneven sunburn, Amanda finds Jack as he’s getting ready for the funeral. He found “Amanda’s” old diaries, which reveal that she and Em were more like sisters than strangers. Jack’s furious that she lied to him and also that she could put her in danger like she did. He asks her to leave.

Enter Padma in a tantalizing red dress, as ominous music plays in the background. This doesn’t look good. It’s all very dramatic as Nolan hands over the finished Carrion (he was up all night the night before finishing it, and it shows on his haggard face and messy hair). He tells her that the fingerprint does indeed match her father’s, and that the Initiative doesn’t exactly have the best track record in holding up their end of the bargain, before he hands over the program. It's all in Padma's hands now.

This week’s big “Revenge” party is actually…womp womp, Emily’s funeral. She’s buried right next to David Clarke, her “dad.” Amanda is giving the eulogy as promised, even though Jack pretty much hates her right now, and Daniel tells Victoria that they can trust Aidan, who made the trades. Cut to Aidan breaking into the Stowaway (more on that in a minute). We continue to see Amanda show real emotion as she lays a flower down on the coffin. She’s afraid Jack will never forgive her. She wants to tell him the truth, he deserves that, but Nolan says something poignant: You can’t take Amanda away from him again. Also surprisingly upset at the funeral is Victoria. This is all taking place steps away from the grave of the man she loved. Before they all leave, Jack asks Nolan for computer help.

Upon returning to the Stowaway, Jack and Nolan discover that the place has been turned upside down (by Aidan). Of course, the computer is stolen. Jack blames the Graysons. Aidan brings the computer back to Amanda, “right in your hands as it belongs,” but Amanda pulls a total “Titanic” and heaves the laptop into the ocean. She’s doing it to protect Jack, she says, even though that evidence could have put the Graysons away for life. No more distractions now, she tells Aidan. This isn't about prison. This is far worse.

In the show’s final moments, Daniel asks his assistant to have the clock from the office (the one with the camera in it) taken away, so the Initiative can no longer watch him, and yet not realize that they know he’s onto him. Amanda’s at the gravesite, it’s raining, it’s all very moody, and a strappingly handsome black man approaches her, asking if he knew the deceased. Yes, she did very well, she says. And so did he. She burned our house down, he says. Who is he? “I’m her brother.” Whoa!

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