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Ricky Martin is still livin' la vida loca

In case you were wondering.
Vivian Fernandez/Vivian Fernandez/Getty Images for Dsquared2

Singer Ricky Martin is currently on the fourth and final left of his One World Tour — which began in 2014, in support of his 10th studio album, "A Quien Quiera Escuchar." As the 44-year-old enjoys some downtime before dates in Europe, South and North America, Martin calls in fromPuerto Rico talks us about life on the road, noting not even he's sure where he lives these days.

How was your summer?

I had a very beautiful summer. I went to a South of France and went to a safari in Africa. It was really nice. I’ve been working so much with this tour for the last year and a half that I told my managers: “I’m going to take a break.” It was very important for me to do it before starting the next stage of the tour, which will include Europe, Russia, Israel…

The Olympic games in Rio just finished, and Monica Puig from Puerto Rico has won the golden medal in tennis this year. As far as I know you were very happy about it…


The match was a-ma-zing! The way she played, her decisions on the court – they were outstanding. And she has a very well deserved golden medal around her neck, because she is a very disciplined woman. Without a doubt, I was very proud! But not only me, every citizen of my island was celebrating!

Is tennis popular in Puerto Rico?

It was, but now every tennis professor has a lot of work, because everyone wants to play it.

You're also known for your humanitarian work. What made you get involved with charity?

When I was 12 years old, I became ambassador of UNICEF and we worked a lot in Brazil and Mexico. And ever since I’ve been somewhere and somehow fighting for human rights. I worked mainly with children who are being forced to do prostitution, pornography… I spoke on their behalf.

I also have a Ricky Martin Foundation created to improve the welfare of children around the globe. This is a very important thing that I need to do as a celebrity – it allows me to talk to the audience about things that we all should be concerned about. Without a doubt, it is a very gratifying job – to help children.

It came up in the news there will be a new member of your family – a girl… Is that true?

Wait! I wish! But not yet. I will wait may be another year. Right now I’m traveling a lot and doing so many concerts. Whenever my baby girl comes I would like to stop working and spend time with the baby.

You used to live in Miami, Spain, then Australia. Where do you call home now?

Believe it or not, I don’t know where I live. I used to live in Miami, I lived in New York, I am a citizen of Spain, but I’m from Puerto Rico. So, my live is like a one of a family of the circus. I’m thinking about moving to Los Angeles, next year may be.

Sounds like you're “Livin' la vida loca”...

Yes, yes. My life is definitely like “la vida loca.” But I love what I do. I enjoy my career and my life. You know, one day you are in Monaco, next day you are in Tokyo. I love music and traveling. I was doing this for many many years since I was a little child. I am pleased with my life, I can’t complain.

But still, when you need a rest – what do you normally do?

Well, I try to spend more than two weeks in one place. [Laughs] That’s why this year we went to South of France to relax for two month. I just try to relax, to be with my friends. I usually try to go somewhere near to the beach because I am from an island in Caribbean, so for me the ocean is very calming.

Don’t your children miss you?

No, no! My kids are always with me! They have very big passports!

Your latest album “A Quien Quiere Escuchar” had very positive reviews and was rewarded with Grammy. But still, it feels that your music became more serious, grownup. Do you feel it as well?

Maybe more romantic… I think, yes, it could be a little bit more serious, more musical, more based on my emotions. It reflects exactly where I’m at today. I was really happy when we got the Grammy, because I put so many emotions into my hours in the studio. It was very exhausting but gratifying at the same time.

Which song is your favorite from this album?

No, no, no, it’s very difficult to answer. But there is one called “La Mordidita.”

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