Rob Lowe loves sobriety. And his face proves it. Rob Lowe entered rehab for alcohol abuse in 1990.

Rob Lowe is marking quite the occasion, and he doesn't mind sharing about it. "Celebrating 23 years sober tonight," the "Parks and Recreation" star posted to Twitter recently. "It works if you work it."

Lowe quit drinking after entering rehab in 1990, which he described in his 2011 memoir,"Stories I Only Tell My Friends," as "one of the most exhilarating, liberating and exciting four weeks of my life." For those keeping track, Lowe sobered up about a year after his disastrous Academy Awards performance with a woman dressed as Snow White.

"Problem is, people go into rehab and they're not ready," Lowe explained to CNN's Piers Morgan when he went on his show to promote his book. "You want to get sober for your parents, you want to get sober for your job, you want to get sober for the cops, you want to get sober to protect your image. A lot of good reasons, by the way, but unfortunately the only thing that works is that you have to want to get sober for you. So, I was ready. And so if they told me, 'Hey, Lowe, you've got to go stand in the corner on your head,' I would have done it."


I'm guessing that 23 years sober is the reason why the man appears immortal.

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