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I've heard of witnesses doing a song and dance on the stand, but this is ridiculous. (It's funnier if you read it in a Groucho Marx voice, I swear.) But anyway: Robin Thicke was in court this week do defend himself against claims by Marvin Gaye's family that "Blurred Lines" is a total rip-off of the Gaye classic "Gotta Give it Up." And during his testimony, he apparently decided it was better to show than to tell.

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Thicke propped up a keyboard on the witness stand and worked through a medley of songs by U2, Bob Marley, Alphaville and Michael Jackson to prove how similar some pop songs can sound. He also confirmed that he was "high and drunk" during just about every interview he did last year, so he totally can't be held accountable for whatever he told the press, OK?

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