Jeff Prystowsky of the Low Anthem is late for our interview. But he kind of has an out, seeing as the entire band has the flu.

“It all happened on the same day, like dominoes, one after the next,” he explains of the Low Anthem’s collectively low health. “It seems like the body knows. Your tour ends and then it’s like ‘OK, no more adrenaline. Time to get sick.’”

We spoke with the indie folksters right before they set out on a long tour with Blind Pilot that wraps up this week. The Rhode Island-based band then head overseas to open for Josh Ritter, all in the name of promoting their most recent album, “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.”


Even though the record offers subdued, folky Americana, hymn-like tunes, Prystowsky says they usually need a strategy to stay sane and mellow on the road.

“We always bring someone that’s not in the band, someone to just chill with us. That’s one of our secrets,” he says. “You’re working, you’re getting frustrated with each other and this person’s just like, ‘Hey, c’mon guys, it’s all good.’”

The Low Anthem
with Blind Pilot
Tonight, 9
The Paradise
967 Comm. Ave., Boston
MBTA: Green B Line to Pleasant
$14, 617-562-8800

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