Let’s face it: The world wasn’t exactly in dire need of another version of “Jane Eyre” — at least 11 other adaptations have been done for film and television. However, stars Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender make this update feel as if it is the purest interpretation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel. As a willful governess, Jane (Wasikowska) must squelch her feelings for her employer, Mr. Rochester (Fassbender) while also ignoring his strange advances in Cary Fukunaga’s new adaptation of the book.

Both Fassbender, 33, and Wasikowska, 21, respect the story of “Jane Eyre” — but neither finds the Victorian period too attractive a time to be looking for love.

“I’ve never been happier to be someone born in this time than I have when I put on the corset,” says Wasikowska. “Everything they say about them is true. There were moments on set where I was like, do I have the water or the muffin? Because I’m really thirsty and I’m kind of hungry, which one do I want? I’ve got this much space in my stomach.”

Courting, of course, was equally restrictive. And Michael Fassbender feels for the ladies.

“I mean, would you rather live back then when women weren’t supposed to say anything? They were supposed to just look pretty and be quiet,” he asks. “Victorian England, Jesus ... I wouldn’t want to live in those times.”

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