Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow

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Hey, did you forget all of those allegations that Woody Allen sexually abused daughter Dylan Farrow? Well, her younger brother — Ronan Farrow — would rather you not. He's even drafted an editorial for the Hollywood Reporter times to the Cannes premiere of Allen's latest film, "Cafe Society," to remind everyone. "I believe my sister," he writes, explaining that he doesn't blame mom Mia Farrow for not pursuing charges. "My mother still feels it was the only choice she could make to protect her daughter. But it is ironic: My mother's decision to place Dylan's well-being above all else became a means for Woody Allen to smear them both."

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Ronan goes on the chide the entertainment industry that continues to give Allen a pass despite the allegations, especially in Cannes where he's currently being feted. "He'll have his stars at his side — Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg. They can trust that the press won't ask them the tough questions. It's not the time, it's not the place, it's just not done," he writes. "That kind of silence isn't just wrong. It's dangerous. It sends a message to victims that it's not worth the anguish of coming forward. It sends a message about who we are as a society, what we'll overlook, who we'll ignore, who matters and who doesn't." Fine, but I don't see how Blake Lively can help here.

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