William and Kate reproduce; Prince George is born. Credit: Getty Images William and Kate reproduce; Prince George is born. Credit: Getty Images
The royal announcement of a second pregnancy for Kate Middleton and Prince William has seen a flurry of punters hit the bookmakers. (That's Brit-speak for a bunch of gamblers making bets with bookies.)

Monday’s news of a pregnant Duchess of Cambridge means it’s time for the royal baby betting to begin.

Jessica Bridge, a spokesperson for bookies Ladbrokes (because of course that's what the company is called) says “The birth of the second royal baby in 2015 will no doubt be the biggest novelty betting event of the year.” She adds: “But it's going to be quite a task to overhaul the popularity of Prince George!”

On the run-up to the birth of Prince George on July 22, 2013, over one million pounds was wagered across the bookmaking industry.


Sadly, most punters lost out by betting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would have a girl, with one ballsy better gambling a cool £10,000.

Even though the news of Catherine’s pregnancy only came today, one lucky speculator has already called it right in wagering £1,000 at odds of 6/4 on the Royal couple announcing that they’re expecting a second child.

But it’s the name market that is most popular because, as Bridge explains, “there are so many runners and riders to choose from.” James is currently the red-hot favorite at 6/1 with Mary, Albert and Victoria also proving popular names, with the sex of the child being a boy cruising at 4/5.

If you — as the Brits might say — fancy a rank outsider, then have a flutter on less regal-sounding names like names like Mercedes, Rylan or Chardonnay – all at 500/1.

For the time being, all bets on the exact date in May are off until the 32-year-old mother is safely into her second trimester (after 12 weeks).

Judging by the frenzy of the last royal birth, there’ll be no shortage of people willing to part with their cash, but for now it’s once again back to the “Great Kate Wait”.

The odds
Sex of baby: 4/5 for boy and evens for a girl
James: 6/1
Elizabeth 8/1
Diana 12/1
Catherine 14/1
William 14/1
Ruprecht 500/1