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Rugby: Sailor aghast after armwrestle opponent breaks arm

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SYDNEY (Reuters) - An armwrestle for charity involving former Australia international winger Wendell Sailor went horribly awry when his opponent's arm broke live on television.

Only seconds into the contest, Ben Ross, an Australian former rugby league professional, was screaming in pain after his arm snapped during the segment on 'The Footy Show', a local chat show broadcast live on Thursday.

Distressed, Sailor called for a "medical" as the studio audience sat stunned.

"We'll go to a break, we'll come back after this. We need an ambulance," the show's shaken host Paul 'Fatty' Vautin stuttered as 35-year-old Ross crouched in pain.


Ross once broke his neck in a tackle when playing for Sydney-based National Rugby League team Cronulla but said from his Sydney hospital that the broken arm was "probably" the most painful injury he had ever had.

"When I looked at Wendell's face I knew something was wrong," he told local broadcaster, the Nine Network.

"His face, if it was possible, turned white."

Sailor on Friday told a breakfast show on Sydney radio station KIIS that Ross had warned him of a tight shoulder.

"He said: 'if it feels like it's going to go, I'll just tap out and let go'," the 40-year-old said.

Sailor apologised profusely.

"Even if you didn't like someone you never want to do that to someone," he said. "Just watching his face, hearing that noise go snap ... it was just terrible."

Ross took the break in good spirit, though.

"Wasn't anyone's fault mate," he tweeted.

(Writing by Ian Ransom; Editing by Sudipto Ganguly)

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