Rebel Wilson at the 'Pitch Perfect' press conference. Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage Rebel Wilson at the "Pitch Perfect" press conference. Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage

Russell Crowe doesn't have a great reputation for being the most cuddly of superstars (nor as a great singer, but that's neither here nor there,) but to yell at a young Rebel Wilson? For shame, Russell. For shame.

On Tuesday night, Wilson went on "The Tonight Show" and told the amusing/sad tale of the time she tried to talk to Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe at a restaurant and was totally shut down by Crowe. The backstory: Wilson, who is from Australia, won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship at the Australian Theatre for Young People. Some time later, Rebel was at a restaurant in Sydney and saw Kidman and Crowe dining. She wanted to thank Kidman for the scholarship but, well, we'll let her recall that magical moment:

"One time in Sydney, I saw her having dinner with Russell Crowe and I go, 'OK, now's my chance. I'm going to say thank you. I went up to them but, before I could say anything, Russell Crowe turns to me and says, 'Fuck off!' I just put my head down and walked the other way. .... But thanks, Nicole!"

This makes me love Rebel even more. I just hope the two never star in a movie together — especially if that movie is "Pitch Perfect 2."
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