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Russell Crowe throws Azealia Banks out of his hotel room

The controversial rapper quickly wore out her welcome at the actor’s shindig.
Getty Images

We all hate when someone who wasn’t actually invited to the party stirs up trouble. It looks like veteran actor Russell Crowe experienced this late Saturday night during an intimate gathering at his Beverly Hills hotel suite. The rowdy party crasher in question? Azealia Banks.

The rapper tagged along with Wu-Tang’s RZA, who was invited to have dinner and listen to music with Crowe and some friends, according toTMZ. Bankslaughed at Crowe’s music selection and called him and another guest “boring white men.” When she was told to chill out, she reportedly went on a tirade that included a gory threat to stab guests in the throat with a broken glass. Yikes!

When Banks cocked back her glass, Crowe sprang into action, grabbing her in a bear hug and carrying her out before calling security to have her removed from the property. For her part, Banks insists she was called the n-word, choked, spit on and thrown out. What a buzzkill.

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