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Today Ryan Adams released a new album called “1989.” Sound familiar? It’s because the whole thing is a new version of Taylor Swift’s 2014 pop masterpiece “1989” --– every single song.

Adams is not the first person anyone would think of to cover Swift’s bright, explosive melodies --– his typical rock and alternative sound is pretty different than the country-turned-pop star’s music. But he did it anyway, and Twitter reacted accordingly.

Taylor herself had a countdown to the release of Adams’ “1989,” featuring her cat.


And once it was released, even her fans liked the album.

There were callbacks to the actual 1980s.

And a few Bruce Springsteen comparisons.

One person had a realization.

Another commented on the different ways music can bring people together.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement that covering a whole album was a good idea.

Well done, Ryan Adams.

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