A younger man has his eye on Sandra Bullock. Credit: Getty Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts are cool. Credit: Getty

Sandra Bullock sees you there, internet. Making your mean little comments and starting your peculiar rumors. But Sandra Bullock has the situation under control.

The "Gravity" star spoke at the star-studded25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala on Sunday night, where she poked fun at some of her internet critics. "'There's nothing special about her acting, she's not particularly attractive, I can't stand her, she's mediocre, she's over 40,'" she quoted some of her detractors, according to E! Online.The 49-year-old star agreed, "Sandra Bullock isway past 40."

Bullock also addressed rumors of a feud with Julia Roberts head on. The two stars, both likely Oscar frontrunners, were rumored to be vying for George Clooney's support in their awards campaigns. "Julia, you and I are in a feud over George Clooney. We talked about this, right? It's shared custody," she joked to the "August: Osage County" star, who was also in the audience.


OK, but Sandra Bullock probably has sole possession of Melissa McCarthy, and be honest: At this point which one would you rather hang out with all the time? Remember, George Clooney would want to play pick up basketball and talk about emissions and the Sudan a lot.

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