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So there was this report earlier this month that Sandra Bullock had gone and adopted a second child — a girl this time — to expand her brood. Bullock alreadyhas an adopted son, Louis, who is 5. Understandably, some people were thrilled about the news — hooray, new baby! — so much so that during an interview on her recent "Our Brand is Crisis" press tour, Bullock was congratulated on the big news by an eager reporter. Only ... not so much, as it turns out.

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"There is only one adopted child in my household and his name is Louis," Bullock explained. "If I had a second adopted child, everyone would be hearing about it. I would be loud and clear and say ‘Yes, I have officially adopted a second child.' Right now, Louis must be it." So it turns out back in April when she said she had "no imminent plans" to adopt again, Bullock wasn't just being coy. We'll be sure not to doubt her next time.

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