With his product-coated hair, steely gaze, love of high fashion, and dead soul, Scott Disick has channeled a distinct Patrick Bateman vibe for years.


Fellow Kardashian baby daddy Kanye West is capitalizing on thiseerie resemblance in a new promo for his latest album "Yeezus." Disick portrays the Bret Easton Ellis character in the famous "American Psycho" scene where Bateman (played beautifully by Christian Bale) invites Paul Allen over for a drink after dinner and they listen to Huey Lewis and the News's "Sports" — with bloody consequences.


Sadly, the West short film is not a great homage. Disick sounds a lot like Charlie Day impersonating Patrick Bateman. Although the look is there, the execution isn't. If I knew exactly what Disick's day job was, I would tell him here not to quit it.