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It’s a known fact that supermodels often possess ballerina-like grace in order to master their body movements. Although Klum has added businesswoman, actress, host, and designer to her resume, on Monday she proved that she’s still got those model bones.

Since making her singing debut on “America’s Got Talent Holiday Spectacular” by performing a rendition of “Santa Baby” with crooner contestant Sal Valentinetti, Klum has been making headlines for falling. The spin-gone-wrong didn’t trip Klum up one bit and on second look, we’re wondering if she really fell at all.

Klum obviously wasn’t mortified by her tumble. She posted a video clip of the performance on her Twitter account, capturing the whole incident. So was this a part of the act? I think there is a strong case to be made for this being a choreographed, twirl-to-the-ground move that went way over our heads.