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See Jennifer Lawrence and Alison Brie in a pilot from 2007

See scenes from a terrible teen parody show that Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence appeared in back in 2007.

Ah, the rocky road to stardom. Maybe it involves playing a corpse on a "Law and Order" iteration. Maybe you run around screaming in a horror movie. Or, just maybe, you star in a TV spinoff of the movie "Not Another Teen Movie." This was the fate that met "Community" star Alison Brie back in 2007, when she starred in "Not Another High School Show." And who's that bright eyed youngster appearing midway through the video? Why, it's future Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence!

If you can make it all the way through this video without turning it off, congratulations. You are a true Alison Brie superfan. It may be a sign of the power of the "Community" fanbase that this video went up on YouTube way back in February but is just now gathering attention. Or just a sign that this show was really, really bad.

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