Allison Williams as Peter Pan in Peter Pan Live!  - Season 2014 Allison Williams rocking some short hair as Peter Pan.
Credit: Nino Munoz/NBC

For anyone eager to watch NBC's latest musical extravaganza, the network has kindly released its first image of "Girls" star Allison Williams as Peter Pan. Look at that determined gaze! This Peter, clearly, means business.

Williams will be appearing alongside renowned dancer and villain, Christopher Walken (Hook), as well as Broadway star Christian Borle (Smee), in NBC's staging of "Peter Pan Live!" It's important when writing about "Peter Pan Live!" to remember the exclamation point. No word yet on who will be playing Wendy, but it'll all come together for your viewing pleasure on December 4 on NBC.

We're pretty sure we owned green bike shorts just like those while we were growing up. We recommend pairing them with your finest tie-dye shirt, and racing your neighbors on your rollerblades.


Williams posted the picture to her Instagram account, with the following inside info on that hair:

The transformation begins! My first shoot as Pan. Fun fact: I was all ready to cut my hair, then was told by the folks who actually know what they're doing that a wig works better for everybody. So, December 4th, here we come. #wiglife #peterpanlive #nbc

You can also see her practicing her flying, if you want.

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