Seth Romatelli claims to have only ever lost three things in his life: A Red Sox hat at the 1994 Lollapalooza, an umbrella at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood at the opening of "The Perfect Storm," and a cassette of a live Guns n' Roses show at the Paradise Rock Club in October of 1987.

This July, Romatelli, a native of Haverhill, will return to The Paradise, but he's not necessarily looking for that Gn'R tape. He and his podcast co-host Jonathan Larroquette -- son of John Larroquette of the 1980s show "Night Court" -- will be back in Boston next week to do their own live performance of their podcast, "Uhh Yeah Dude."

Described as "a weekly roundup of America through the eyes of two American-Americans," "Uhh Yeah Dude" began in 2006 when the pair teamed up at the early stages of podcast popularity.

"We used to have telephone conversations where we'd crack each other up if we hadn't seen each other in a while," says Romatelli of Larroquette. "He thought if we gave this a structure ... we could kind of capture that same thing but in the format of a radio show."


Romatelli claims not to own a cell phone or have an e-mail account, so how does such a self-professed Luddite actively do a podcast each week? He says when it comes to technology, Larroquette does all of the heavy lifting.

"He came to my house and said, 'I'm gonna put a laptop on your coffee table in the middle of your living room, and I'm gonna plug in a microphone on both ends. I'm gonna sit in a chair, and you're gonna stand across from me to talk for an hour,'" remembers Romatelli.

Romatelli says very little is planned in advance with "Uhh Yeah Dude."

"It's a hodgepodge in the way that we might talk about a commercial that we saw, but then we might talk about a new food product, but then we might talk about a crazy news story," he says. "We're going to try to make sense and process all of the information ... like 'How is "Rock of Ages" a movie?' and 'why are they raising prices at Starbucks?'"

The "Uhh Yeah" dudes and their fans have taken six-and-a-half years worth of episodes and categorized them by topic on, where archives are continually updated. If he's ever wondering "what was going on in America the second week in February in 2008?" Romatelli says, he can go back to the show and see what they discussed.

The July show will be their seventh live one since the podcast's debut. They plan on keeping the conversational format of the podcasts. With their L.A. shows, the two simply brought furniture from Romatelli's living room and set it on the stage.

At the end of each episode, the pair bump fists and say "seatbelts."

"I don't even know what episode we started," he says. "It doesn't even mean anything, just something I'd say to people as a weird thing to say."

So, seatbelts!

'Uhh' in the Hub

Uhh Yeah Dude has done live shows in L.A., Seattle and Brooklyn. When they were offered a show in New York City, Seth Romatelli asked to move it to Boston.

"I haven't been back to Massachusetts in four years and I want to see mom and dad," he says.

Romatelli, a graduate of Emerson College, moved to L.A. in the months after his graduation in 1995. When he speaks of coming home, he uses a variety of synonyms for mental illness: "To get to go back and get to do a show in Boston is crazy. Just to be back in Massachusetts is nuts. Just to be back in my hometown would be crazy. To be doing a show there with my homie would be insane!"

If you go

‘Uhh Yeah Dude’

Saturday, July 7

The Paradise

967 Comm Ave, Boston

$25, 800-745-3000
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