Melissa Bell's teachers and students didn't know what they were in for when the shrimpy seventh grader got on stage to read her fan fiction piece at the school talent show. Bell read a work of fan fiction she wrote about Ashton Kutcher and imagined the star visiting the school.


In her fan fiction, Melissa transforms into a middle schooler named "Melecia Bella" and Ashton Kutcher happens to pass by the middle school when he decides he's lonely. In Melissa's story, Ashton asks his chauffeur to pull over because he thinks he might just find the "Bell" of the ball at the middle school dance. Surprisingly, no one calls the police, and he enters the gym and decides to dance with, guess who? Melissa.


We won't reveal any more of Melissa's racy story, but we will say it involves some French kissing and a relaxed take on the 12-inch rule. We think Melissa's teachers probably vetted talent show contestants more carefully after her reading, but we hope she won for her creative effort.


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