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Shah Rukh Khan has a good use for Pokémon Go

The Indian actor handles being hassled at the airport better than you do.
Shah Rukh KhanGetty Images

Even when you’re stuck, there's always Pokémon Go.

Shah Rukh Khan may be the most famous Bollywood actor in the world, but that doesn't mean the red carpet is rolled out for him everywhere — namely, at U.S. airports:

But when life hands Khan lemons, he (presumably) does a peppy dance number about making lemonade. In this case, the next best thing:


That’s a pro tip even if you’re not “randomly” selected for security screening on the regular, by the way: Airports are full of Pokéstops, many of them lured.

Alas, it's not just security staff who don't recognize the actor. Khan posted a heartfelt message to Instagram just a week ago revealing he's become a bit emotionally invested in catching ‘em all:

An existential crisis about a video game? Stars ARE just like us!

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