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Have you ever found yourself in a boozy no man's land with nary a Ramos Gin Fizz in sight?

Startup Shindig can help. The app is a "social network for drinkers," as co-founder Harry Raymond calls it, and lets users share photos and locations of their drinks - a kind of combination of Foursquare and Instagram. Shindig also allows users to find cocktails, beers, wines and spirits based on their location.

"We've scanned hundreds of thousands of drink menus all over the world, and if you're in a certain location, you can find a drink wherever you want," says Raymond. "You can pull out Shindig and it will scan all the restaurants and bars around you and show you where you can find a Bloody Mary."


Raymond and his team perused data from Shindig and provided a list of the hottest drinks of the moment. These trending picks are based on increase in popularity over the past 60 days.

1. Bell's Brewery Two Hearted Ale - 133 percent increase in popularity

This well-respected Michigan brewery made its long-awaited New York debut in February. Craft beer bars like Idle Hands Bar celebrated the arrival with week-long specials. Like much of the country, New Yorkers fell in love with Two Hearted Ale, an American IPA with a complex hoppy floral taste. The brew is perfect for spring.

2. Bacon Bloody Mary - 166 percent increase in popularity

The Bloody Mary is one of our most popular drinks with an unsurprising spike in traffic between 1 to 3 p.m. on Sundays. What is surprising is that Bacon Bloody Marys seem to be gaining popularity this spring. Either drinkers are over their New Year's resolutions of cutting the fat or more New York bars are serving Bloodies with streaky garnishes.

3. Public House Wine - 400 percent increase in popularity

Now available in many more stores, this New York-based boxed wine startup has shown signs of catching on downtown. Each box comes with party cups, making this a popular choice for rooftop drinking with friends.

4. Mint Julep - 140 percent increase in popularity

Days at the track are back. For this year's Kentucky Derby, New Yorkers used Knob Creek and Eagle Rare Bourbon over more well-known names like Woodford Reserve and Bulleit Bourbon for the classic cocktail.

5. Ommegang's Game of Thrones Fire and Blood - 2300 percent increase in popularity

This new release, which came out in late March, has been a hit with HBO fan boys and craft beer nerds alike. Drinkers are flocking to specialty beer stores like ABC Beer Co., Good Beer NYC and Top Hops for the latest beer from one of New York's favorite breweries.

6. Harpoon Long Thaw White IPA, 271 percent increase in popularity

You'd expect the ever-popular UFO White to win the day, but Long Thaw is trending for this growing Boston Brewery. Perhaps it's the balanced flavor of orange and hops, but we expect to see more Long Thaw this summer.

7. Victory Golden Monkey, 54 percent increase in popularity

Still want high alcohol content without the intense hops? Beer lovers can't get enough of this Belgian-style ale with 9.5% ABV and a light, fruity body. Be careful: Too many of these will end your spring day early.

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