Today marks the day Lindsay Lohan — well, her lawyer, at least —has to check in with the court and show that she's making progress on those pesky 125 hours of community service she was ordered to finish by May 28, and word is she's still got a long way to go. "Lindsay has hardly made a dent in the court-ordered 125 hours of community service. It's an extremely unimpressive number so far — less than 20 hours total," a source tells Radar Online. Lohan was last seen on a shopping spree in Milan, and an Instagram photo she posted Tuesday of some envelope stuffing captioned, "Community Service — office day," featured a suspiciously European phone charger. But certainly she'll pull it together in the next three weeks, right?


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As you might remember, Lohan got in trouble earlier this year for her legal team's rather liberal definition of community service when last they went before the court.According to TMZ, her community service included performing in the West End in "Speed-the-Plow," meeting fans afterward and letting kids follow her around. "On one day Lindsay got six hours credit," prosecutor Terry White complains. "Two of the hours were for her matinee performance and another two were for her evening performance. The remaining two were for a meet-and-greet afterwards."


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