A scrappy voice. Stripped down while being still definitely full. Getting noisy… but, the sound waves loom larger than the stage presence. The classically trained, English-born Micachu performs sometimes melodious and often punk-tinged riffs over very much anti-pop keys and drums.

With a rapturous audience surrounding the circular side-stage at Le Poisson Rouge, the experimental trio play their atypical tunes ala tUnE-yArDs or The Blow without the poise that often comes with the sort. It's a welcome change in a world where air and conceit are often lauded.

This lends to a soft-spoken set by Mica Levi, who sings and plays with a homemade 'half-guitar,' along with Raisa Khan on keys and Marc Pell on drums. On tour for the well-regarded "Never," released this summer, the short, intimate set felt more powerful than a handful of songs typically would.

At the same time, Levis's punk, Patti Smith-vibe shines through.


"We're here for you," said Levi. With a seemingly handpicked, self-selected crowd of Village — and a contingent of NYU — kids, they were there for her. The attentive crowd could still easily suspend disbelief and believe the former, though.

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