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'SNL' suggests Jay Z/Solange elevator fight was actually about spiders


Since it is the most pressing issue of the day right now, "Saturday Night Live" offered their spin on the great Jay Z/Solange Elevator Fight Mystery. In the cold open before the credits played on the Andy Samberg-hosted season finale last night, Jay Z and Solange assured the world that they had gotten over their little dispute. The point was made slightly less believable by the way the bodyguard flinched every time Solange gestured toward Jay Z during the discussion.

Turns out, Jay Z had a spider on him! Nothing to see here. Solange is just helping him out with his arachnophobia. Here's hoping "Foot five!" doesn't become a thing. The highlight was when Maya Rudolph showed up as Beyonce to offer her spin on things, and remind the world that Maya Rudolph is awesome, just in case you were torn about whether to watch her variety show tomorrow night. Rudolph also popped up as Oprah Winfrey later in the show in a digital short about Andy Samberg indiscriminately hugging people.

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