"So You Think You Can Dance," Season 11, top sixteen perform. Credit: FOX "So You Think You Can Dance," Season 11, top sixteen perform. Credit: FOX

It was a big night on the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage as four dancers were sent home at the end of the show. The top 14 began the night with an awesome performance by Stacey Tookey and the bottom six dancers were:

Serge Onik
Carly Blaney
Teddy Coffey
Emily James
Casey Askew
Jessica Richens

The remaining dancers are all safe and will be moving on to the Top 10 of Season 11. But before we find out who went home, here’s a recap of the Top 14 performances:
In their routine, Bridget and Emilio were on a mission from hell to find someone to sell their soul. They gave an intense jazz performance in some hot red costumes and danced to Avicii’s “Long Road to Hell.” The judges had some corrections to make but the couple balanced each other well.

Tanisha and Rudy seduced each other in a contemporary routine to Celine Dion’s “Seduces Me.” Christina Applegaste loved it so much she was literally speechless. Mary complimented Rudy on his powerful one-arm overhead lift. Nigel chimed in with, “Real men don’t lift weights; they lift women.”


Jacque and Zack gave a very dark Paso Doble performance, as Zack acts as a vampire who brings Jacque back to life. And what better music to dance to than Rob Zombie’s “Dragula.” Jacque tripped up a little towards the end but the routine was intense the whole way through. Mary said it was love at first bite.

Emily and Teddy did a cat-and-mouse Broadway routine but the judges didn’t see the chase they were looking for in their performance. They are both strong dancers but didn’t bring in enough character to the routine.

Jessica and Casey did a contemporary dance about having that person in the world that you find peace with. I hope Casey can find some peace this week because it seems that every partner Jessica has danced with thus far has been sent home. Will he break that streak? They danced to Hozier’s “Like Real People Do” and SYTYCD got their first stage kiss of the season. But it was not a kiss of death. There were a lot of beautiful moments in this routine that had all three judges on their feet.

Carly and Serge let their upper bodies take a chill pill and gave their bottom halves more espresso in their Quickstep performance to Tape Five’s “A Cool Cat in Town.” They did some fancy footwork on the stage. Serge was definitely out of his comfort zone with this routine but he executed it well.

Valerie and Ricky gave a twisted hip-hop routine in which Ricky struggles to get the Valerie voo-doo doll to come to life. They danced to DJ Snake and Lil John’s “Turn Down for What.” Nigel said Ricky is possibly the best technical dancer they’ve ever had on the show. Mary said it was the best number of the night.

To end the night of wonderful performances, the Top 7 girls gave a powerful female routine to Evanesence’s “My Immortal” choreographed by Mandy Moore. The Top 7 guys took the stage to perform a Travis Wall number in which the men look like their floating on ocean. Then the “Academy of Villains,” one of the winning dance crews, got their chance to perform on the SYTYCD stage. Finally, the moment we dreadfully wait for, the four dancers sent home were: Serge, Teddy, Carly and Emily.

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