Though SOFI stands for “Some Other Female Interest,” Sofia Toufa is more than the first two words of her moniker might lead you to believe. The singer, currently on tour as a singer with Deadmau5, boasts a resume that reads more like an iPod on shuffle, working with artists like Motley Crue,, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

As a featured performer on the sold out Deadmau5 dates, she sings on two of the heaviest songs in the set, “SOFI Needs a Ladder” and “One Trick Pony.”

“I’m actually just doing those two songs,” she says. “And it’s kind of funny because I was like, ‘This is the shortest show I’ve ever done in my life,’ but at the same time it’s so long, because ‘SOFI Needs a Ladder’ alone is like seven minutes.”

But this may be the last time Toufa plays the supporting role for a while. She drops her “Locked and Loaded” EP, a peek at her sultry club style.


“I absolutely feel like I’m in the waiting room right now,” she says.

Working with producers Skrillex, Noisia and Millions Like Us, the songs may be the poppiest offerings to ever be grouped in the dubstep genre. The first two songs, “Broken Souvenirs” and “Bring Out the Devil” may have a sinister feel, but the EP’s final number, “Again Sometime” — with its huge hopeful hook and sexy slinking bass — is a contender for the make out song of 2012.

“It’s basically a little trilogy,” Toufa says of the EP’s three songs, “a dramatic love story gone wrong.”

Her wild side

SOFI has shared the stage with a wide range of acts, who has the best parties?

“I’ve definitely had some good times with Avril. I toured with her for two years, and we just had a blast together and partied like crazy,” she reveals. “But the craziest ones were with Motley Crue.” How about Deadmau5? “We’re all kind of chill now,” she says, “but the energy is so high during the show ... that’s party enough.”

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