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"Let me tell you about why black girls / women are so angry," the first in a series of tweets from Solange Knowles reads.

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On Friday, the 30-year-old singer took to social media to recount a negative experience she had at the Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans last week. While dancing with her family, a group of fourolder white women allegedly told Knowles to sit down before throwing a lime at her back.

Knowles — also the younger sister of pop star Beyoncé — said on Twitter that she wanted to share her experience so people could understand why many people of color feel unsafe "in many white spaces." She noted that she was among "4 of about 20 black concert goers" out of the approximate 1,500 people at the show.


Knowles also criticized the people who suggested that she may have added to the drama by refusing to sit down. "Nobody goes to the Kraftwerk show with their kid 'looking for "drama"' but that's how u guys like to spin this," she tweeted.

Despite the negative experience, Knowles wasn't going to let four women bring her down — she endedher rant on a positive note, praising the black community of Louisiana and posting a video of herself dancing at the concert, alongside the caption, "Bye haters."

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