Sophie Turner prepares for another season of sadness as Sansa Stark-Lannister (maybe she'll hyphenate) / Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Sophie Turner prepares for another season of sadness as Sansa Stark-Lannister (maybe she'll hyphenate). The show returns to HBO on April 6 at 9 p.m. Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images


After giving fans time to grieve for those who were brutally slain at the end of season three, "Game of Thrones" is back for another round. Actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, says to expect more of the same: more blood, more trauma and more lies as the fight for the Iron Throne continues.


You’re a Lannister now. How does that feel?
Sansa Lannister… great.


No! It’s fun for me because I get to spend more time with Peter [Dinklage], but for Sansa, it kind of sucks because these are the people who killed her father.


Have you read all the books?
I only read my chapters. I flick through the books and mark them down. The third one is a really difficult read — have you read it?

(apologetically) No...
I don’t blame you. The writing is tiny. I’m always Wikipedia-ing it to get a sense of what’s going to happen. More misery, that’s what’s going to happen.

Have you ever searched for yourself on Wikipedia?
I would never do that. Although I did do that once to prove that I was 16 when I was on a train and wanted a child ticket. That was the first and the only time I ever did that, by the way.

Sansa always looks so depressed. Does that not make you sad?
At first I couldn’t really master how to cry and draw that emotion, so I just used my personal life. My grandma was really ill at the time and so I started thinking about her, but it just got me really down. And then I realised that you actually have to act and pretend you’re in the situation.

So how do you do it now if you can’t think of your grandma?
Her story is so sad that every time something s— happens I feel like crying anyway. I’m a broken woman.

What would she need to genuinely belly laugh?
Someone should fart because that’s undeniably funny. If Joffrey farted on the Iron Throne.

Joffrey is as repulsive and disturbing as ever — don’t you sometimes want to punch him?
I do. He’s so creepy. But you love to hate him.

Is he a good kisser at least?
I guess — he wasn’t bad! I was 14 when it happened … it was an innocent peck. I’ll let you know when I have a full-blown snog.

Who would you want that to be with?
There are a lot of fine young men on the show. I think Sansa would like to kiss Loras Tyrell, but he’s gay. She wants some affection, even if it is gay affection.

Things have got to be pretty messed up in Sansa’s head. What would happen if she went to therapy?
I feel like she’d kill the therapist. If anyone asked her how she was feeling, she’d explode. Damn, I feel so sorry for her.

Did you know there was a GoT cookbook?
What would people want to cook? Ew.

You’ve obviously never used it.
Never. I barely cook — I can just about do spaghetti.

The lemon cake recipe — Sansa’s favourite — is really popular.
I hate them. And last season I was eating lemon cakes in this one scene and we had to do 10 setups. I counted and I ate just over 50 cakes. Mini ones, but I felt so fat and I hate them. So annoying.

"Game of Thrones" returns Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.