With the closing of the Tritone just months away, Saturday marks the last Sugar Town on South Street, as Philly’s monthly celebration of women in rock packs its bags and heads north.

Sugar Town began in 2001 as rock journalist Sara Sherr’s pet project and has been presented in myriad venues over the years. But since 2007, Sugar Town has been holding court at the Tritone, where it has inspired multiple generations of female rockers.

“With the [Tritone] incarnation, I discovered a whole new group of women who were too young for Sugar Town in the early 2000s,” says Sherr. “Plus, there was suddenly more gay and straight crowds mixing it up at rock shows, so I discovered a queer scene that really wanted to support it.”

Typically, ST features at least two Philly-based female-led bands, one national act and a slew of female DJs spinning between sets. And that’s exactly what Sherr has in store this weekend. Going forward, she promises to keep the night alive in the coming months at Kung Fu Necktie.


“There are times when people are really excited about a feminist-minded rock show, and there are times when it’s not cool to be a feminist, so there have been a lot of ups and downs,” says Sherr. “But I think the reason I keep doing it is the people Sugar Town brings in: They’re not obsessed with being cool. They’re about having fun and being themselves. I know that might sound corny, but there it is.”

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