It's another episode of the Tony show. Survivor is in the palm of his hands, this week at least. Credit: CBS It's another episode of the Tony show. "Survivor" is in the palm of his hands, this week at least. Credit: CBS


Tony is at the peak of his influence and power.


He has to be. The stranglehold he has atop our Power Rankings couldn't be greater. Could it be?


He not only has two immunity idols (including one that works after the votes are read), but he oversaw a blindside of one of his alliance members and seems to be manipulating everyone left and right (though his paranoia is growing).


In this week's episode, we were rewarded with a Survivor Auction -- also known as food porn.

Let's take a moment to grade the castaways' maneuvers during the delectable contest to buy food and game advantages.

Popcorn, Soda and Candy: Purchased by Trish for $80. I would say this would be bad for her teeth, but it is obvious to all who are familiar with the show that there must be toothbrushes and floss around. Grade:C+

Guacamole, chicken quesadilla and a margarita (covered): Purchased by Jeffra for $100. Considering this one was a secret, Jeffra really made out like a bandit for a hundred bucks. Grade:B+

Steak sandwich, iced tea (covered): Purchased by Cass for $20. OK, so it was clear at this point that three players, Tony, Tasha and Spencer, were saving their money for a game advantage. But for $20 it's a steal even back in the USA. Grade:A

Water and rice (covered): Purchased by Trish for $60. This was covered and there was no way of knowing what it was. But after seeing what Cass got in the auction earlier (where she got to choose between the two), Trish should have known it was garbage. Grade: D-

Ribs and beer: Purchased by Woo for $40. Woo gets a good grade here because he described his anticipation of eating the ribs so tantalizingly, and his expression upon eating them was so priceless. Grade: B+

Advantage: Purchased by Spencer and Tony, won by Tony: This was the clue that led to Tony getting his second idol. They drew rocks and Tony won. Grade: A+

Back at camp, while the full stomachs of those who ate caused most of the tribe to lay around in self pity (and with tummy aches), Spencer planted a seed in Tony's head that the girls (four of them) would turn against the guys (three of them) if they had the numbers, and Spencer would be voted out.

Tony mulled it over while he found the idol under a big white tree, then shared that he possessed said idol with his tribemates.

Then over to Jeff on the beach, where Tasha won her third straight immunity challenge, making it clear Spencer was the odd man out. Or was he?

Tony took Spencer's bait, right or wrong, and convinced the three men and Tasha to blindside Jeffra.

The blindside worked, and the blonde bombshell exited stage left.

“Survivor Cagayan” Power Rankings, Week 10

1. Tony:To recap, he can't be voted out, possibly two times if he is smart enough to keep his idol. He has Tasha and Spencer pretty much in his pocket, and the rest of the tribe thinks they are in his alliance. (Last week: 1)

2. Spencer:His move to get Tony suspicious of the ladies was brilliant. Look past his false alarm last week when he wasted his idol. He has game. (Last week: 2)

3. Tasha: She's won three straight individual immunity challenges. But she better win more; she could be on the chopping block. (Last week: 3)

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