Spencer and Kass tried to make a big move in Episode 11. Did it work? Credit: CBS Spencer and Kass tried to make a big move in Episode 11. Did it work? Credit: CBS

"Tony is lying to everyone out here all the time and he's good at it," Spencer said just minutes into Episode 11.

So what happens when Tony tries to tell the truth?


Tony actually wasn't talking about Cass. But as she and the ladies pretended to be asleep, Tony and the boys talked about his career and other things. Her ears deceived her and she thought she was being trashed -- and wouldn't believe Tony's repeated attempts to set the record straight.

So sparks started to fly right off the bat.

And then the bag of tricks came into play. Tony said he had the special idol (which he does), but no one believed him.

Who would have thought -- Tony getting into hot water for telling the truth.

At the reward challenge, the former brain tribe members went toe to toe to put together a puzzle, and Spencer bested Tasha, sending him along with Woo and Cass to a special reward, a local school where they would serve as good-will ambassadors.

As they distributed supplies to the cute and innocent kids in town it was hard not to get goosebumps. This is something the show has gotten away from in recent years, but really should be a centerpiece.

Woo then put on a martial arts show. And comedy show. And thoroughly entertained the kids. He was in his own element and he helped the castaways to forget the show while giving the children something to smile about.

But even with the distraction of the reward, the trio concocted a plan to flush the idol from Tony (they thought he only had one).

When they were back at camp, Tony tried to get the facts from his trusted ally, Woo, but his story was shaky. Woo would not admit to strategizing against Tony with Spencer and Cass at the reward challenge, and Tony wasn't sure whether to buy it.

When the immunity challenge started, a lot was at stake. In a marathon challenge (in the rain, making it more epic), they combatants had to count items scattered on the beach and put the quantities onto a large pad lock trying to unlock a sword. Spencer came out on top, adorning the necklace and assuring himself a one in five spot at the title.

After the typical posturing prior to the vote, it sounded like Tony was about to get ousted. But someone forgot to pull the trigger. And Tony, with his two idols survived another three days. And with just a few episodes left, he is at the height of his power.

“Survivor Cagayan” Power Rankings, Week 12

1. Tony: He didn't have to use either of his immunity idols (the normal one and the special one). How did he manage that? The tribe is so scared to make a move against Tony, they haven't realized his is almost indestructible. (Last week: 1)

2. Spencer: He worked to make a move against Tony and it failed. But he won the reward challenge, won the individual immunity challenge and looks poised to somehow last another three days. (Last week: 2)

3. Cass: She is a pain in Tony's ass, but she couldn't find a way to oust him. That being said, she has shown a manipulative side in the past and could be a threat as the stretch run arrives. (Last week: 3)

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