Tony and the rest of the tribe got themselves pretty gross and dirty during a reward challenge. Credit: Getty Images Tony and the rest of the tribe got themselves pretty gross and dirty during a reward challenge. Credit: CBS

After a post-mortem in the rain following last week's eventful tribal council, the jockeying for position into the final three began as the penultimate episode began Wednesday night.

"Taking Woo to the end is stupid," Tony said.

Was the all-powerful leader planning to blindside his biggest and most trusted ally?


The reward challenge (which gave the eventual victor a delicious pizza delivery in camp), was entertaining, and forced the competitors to cover themselves completely in mud, and transfer it into a bucket using their bodies (no carrying mud allowed). When the filthy tribemates ran out of time, it was Tony's bucket, overflowing, that earned him the piping hot treat.

Interestingly, Tony selected Trish to join him in his pizza party. Strategy? Perhaps.

After an entertaining few seconds of Tony inhaling several pizzas, Cass tried to blow things up in camp. And she seemed to get to Tony, trying to pry him and Woo apart.

When the immunity challenge approached, it seemed that no one, save for Tony himself, was safe. Everyone needed to get that necklace to land in the final four.

Tony had a sizable lead but Spencer came racing back, yelping "Jeff! Jeff!" as he finished the puzzle at the end of the obstacle course in lightening speed.

A lot of side discussions took place at camp before tribal council began, with Woo emerging as a swing vote to decide between the two women, Cass and Trish (who had a pretty ugly fight after the immunity challenge).

Tribal council started out with everyone laughing. Including Jeff. And then Tony opened his bag of tricks. He took out two idols (a regular one and a special one) and raised several questions. Will he give one to Trish? Would he just help himself?

Tony used his regular idol before the vote on himself, just cause. And when it was all said and done, Trish was shockingly sent home with Tony turning on one of his longest-tenured friends.

“Survivor Cagayan” Power Rankings, Week 13

1. Tony: He played an idol this week just because he could. It didn't even matter. He also has a special idol in his bag of tricks, and is all but guaranteed to be in the final three. (Last week: 1)

2. Spencer: Another individual immunity puts Spencer, seemingly on the outs from the get-go, on the cusp of making the final three. Can he challenge Tony in the finale and get enough jury votes to pull off an upset? (Last week: 2)

3. Cass: Somehow, her complaining, confrontation and plotting is keeping her around. She survived and seems to be a favorite to be carried into the final three as a sure thing to lose. Maybe she can change that with some respect for her sly play? (Last week: 3)

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