Once again, Tony is atop the power rankings after six weeks in Survivor Cagayan. Credit: CBS Television Network Once again, Tony is atop the power rankings after six weeks in Survivor Cagayan. Credit: CBS Television Network

Two tribe members departed this week during an episode defined by a shifting power structure.

First, just a few short hours after Cliff was voted out, Lindsey requested a meeting with Jeff on the beach to have herself removed from the game. Feuds with tribe mate Trish and the loss of ally Cliff were the reasons for her departure -- the first time an active contestant quit without a health issue prompting the move.


When the Solana tribe arrived at the reward challenge, several members of Aparri couldn't hold back their joy to see the two members voted out.

The challenge gave an interesting advantage to the victors, the Solana tribe. They were able to sent Tony and Woo to go and steal items from the other tribe, namely comfort items in a "Tribe Raid."

But, Tony decided this was an opportunity to do more than raid items. Holding an idol himself and considerable power in his own tribe, the police officer gave a clue, meant for his own tribe to Jeremiah, a member of Aparri. This immediately put a target on Jeremiah's back, despite the fact that it was not a legitimate clue for their tribe.

At the immunity challenge, Tony seemed to be slowing his tribe down, but eventually they made up ground, thanks to great puzzle work from Woo and L.J. at the tail end of a long obstacle course in the mud.

When Aparri arrived at tribal council, it was clear that either Jeremiah was gone, or Alexis, and that the power resided in the hands of the three former Brain members, Cass, Spencer and Tasha.

When the votes were counted, by a 5-2 margin Alexis was sent home, to her surprise but not to the viewers who could see her time coming to an end.

The majority of the power seems to be consolidated among a few members on each tribe. But with a merge looming, who knows how things could shake up next week?

Survivor Power Rankings, Week 6

  1. Tony: Tony is running things, and across two different tribes. He holds the power in his own group, holding an immunity idol and a majority alliance, and he had the presence of mind to turn the other tribe mates against one another when he visited during the "Tribe Raid." (Last week: 3)

  2. Woo: This is his first time in the top five, but his work during the immunity challenge and when he and Tony visited Aparri put him near the top of the power structure. (Last week: unranked)

  3. L.J: He was epic in the immunity challenge, and holds individual immunity. (Last week: 1)

  4. Trish: She nearly single-handedly convinced Lindsey to quit, giving everyone else a better shot at the million bucks. (Last week: unranked)

  5. Brains trio: The three former Brain tribe members, Spencer Cass and Tasha all deserve to be here in the fifth spot. From complete disarray a few weeks ago, they now totally control the Aparri tribe. (Last week: 2, 6, 4)

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