This week's No. 1 is none other than the double-idol holder, Spencer. Credit: CBS This week's No. 1 is none other than the double-idol holder, Spencer. Credit: CBS

Sparks flew in another entertaining Survivor episode this week, with insults flying right from the start, mostly directed at lazy Morgan and plotting Kass.

After a random group of five that included Spencer won a reward challenge with a not so subtle sponsor (a steak feast from the good people at Outback Steakhouse), the former Brains tribeman stumbled upon a clue to the hidden immunity idol back at camp.


But stupid brainy Spencer almost blew it, leaving the clue in his folded pants while he went to search. Woo, spying on Spencer from the get go, found the sheet of paper and informed all the participants at camp, and everyone went on a mad search for the idol.

Ironically, and hilariously, Spencer wound up with it all along, and found it directly in Kass' face, unbeknownst to her.

Spencer kept up his sly and forceful play winning an endurance immunity challenge. At camp prior to the vote, it appeared to be between Morgan and powerhouse Tony.

The players decided, questionably as far as strategy goes, to get rid of the weak link (who wouldn't be a final three threat) and keep around one of the best players in the game Tony.

Morgan was voted out, and as the beauty quotient starts to steadily decrease, the excitement continues to build as another week comes to a close on the beaches in the Philippines.

Survivor Cagayan Power Rankings, Week 8

  1. Spencer: A pretty obvious choice. He found the hidden idol and won the immunity challenge. He wants to be calling the shots, and he might be able to with so much power stored up. (Last week: unranked)

  2. Woo: His thwarting of Spencer's secret immunity search was a site to see. His ninja moves, on full display, almost ruined the game for Spencer. He gets points for such a valiant attempt. (Last week: 3)

  3. Kass: She was the swing vote. Again. And she swung it in the direction of Morgan, who was not a threat, but removes an undeserving tribemate from competition. (Last week: 4)

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