Tony once again takes the top spot in Week 9's Survivor Power Rankings. Credit: CBS Tony once again takes the top spot in Week 9's "Survivor" power rankings. Credit: CBS


Sure, it's called "Survivor." But this season should really be called "The Tony Show."


Sometimes on "Survivor" it is clear that the editing decisions influence how we perceive the show each week. This time, it doesn't really seem like the editors had a choice - it was all about Tony.


From the start, the cop (who lies and says he works construction for some reason) is feeling the heat after getting votes at last week's tribal council. He is fired up and trying to find out what happened.



After he tries searching for answers, the tribe travels to a reward challenge that groups the nine competitors in to three teams, seeking to win a day at the spa. A random drawing pretty much gives the reward to Tony, Spencer and Jeremiah, and the three strong men win an obstacle challenge and strategize while getting foot massages and sipping cocktails.

After the usual tribal musings, the immunity challenge arrives. This time, it was 100 percent mental. The tribemates must memorize a sequence of colors shown by Jeff in the correct order, slowly revealing their memory one by one.

When it came to the end of the battle, former Brain tribe member Tasha takes the necklace.

Then, Tony steals the show. And that isn't necessarily a compliment. The next 15 minutes were nothing but Tony plotting and Tony manipulating. He told everyone, completely unfoundedly, that L.J. was trying to eliminate Woo.

Whether or not this ploy worked, the castaways head to tribal council, with Tony spouting one of the best one-liners in "Survivor" history, "In 'Survivor,' you gotta know when to kiss ass and when to kick ass."

As discussion heats up with Jeff moderating, Tony once again pulls a lie out of his bag of tricks, insinuating he has an idol hidden away. (He doesn't; Spencer does).

When the votes are tallied, it is a close split between L.J., a member of the six-man alliance, and Jeremiah.

L.J. is ousted and joins the jury as Tony collects more power, boasting yet another blindside to his resume.

Now let's rank them.

"Survivor Cagayan" Power Rankings, Week 9

Tony: Was there ever any doubt? After a few weeks away the Cop from Jersey is back atop the pecking order, using tribemates as he pleases along the way. (Last week: Unranked)

Spencer: He has the idol, and he has two other former Brain members with him. Somehow, he keeps getting further in the game, and each week he becomes more of a threat. (Last week: 1)

Tasha: She won the immunity challenge, showing she really has a brain. And, like Spencer, she has three members of her original tribe to help her stay alive. (Last week: Unranked)

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