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‘Survivor: Cagayan’ recap: Episode 9

Tony is running things at camp. And he is No. 1 once again. Credit: CBS Tony is running things at camp. And he is No. 1 once again. Credit: CBS

It was only an hour-long episode, but there's a lot to cover this week. The drama of Survivor strikes again as the identity of the eliminated castaway seems secondary to the maneuvering and action that lead to it.

Tony was up to it again. He built a "shack" near a popular conversation spot and hid to watch passersby (hopefully) talk about him right in front of his hidden face.

And what do you know, it worked. The Jersey cop's paranoia led him to survey a conversation between Jeffra and Cass that basically revealed that Jeffra no longer trusted Tony.


Then it was right to Jeff on the beach.

The quartet of Spencer, Jeffra, Tasha and Jeremiah won a throwback reward, one that lets the castaways explore a landmark in the beautiful country they are inhabiting for 39 days by besting Tony's team in a challenging trek that included a four-man rowboat and a puzzle.

The four who remained in camp went searching for Papayas and found a tree full of them that "looked like Morgan's boobs." Well, three did while Tony looked for the "super idol."

And as could be easily predicted, tree-climbing Woo took a plunge from a high branch while trying to rustle some Papayas. Luckily there was no visit from Jeff and the medical team. Woo was fine.

The reward winners got something better than the beautiful caves and delicious food -- letters from home. And Jeffra, who was on the fence with Tony's alliance, took her mother's words as a sign she should jump ship.

The challenge for immunity once again tested balance and endurance. And after the first six tribe members were eliminated Tasha outlasted Spencer to earn her second individual immunity.

As a guilty-feeling Jeffra spilled her guts to Cass in the shallow water near camp, Tony found something special. The special immunity idol (which could be played after the votes are read).

The other idle is accounted for as well, and Spencer told his small alliance (Jeremiah and Tasha) he was going to try and make a move with it.

At tribal there was some clear posturing and positioning going on -- with Tony once again threatening to open his bag of tricks (which now actually has some truth to it).

Spencer played his idol. And then Tony made a possibly ingenious move, showing the wrapping for his legitimate idol to the tribe while claiming it was a fake.

And when it came time to tally the votes, it was fashion model Jeremiah who was sent packing (with not votes cast for Spencer).

While you take a breath and prepare for next week's auction reward (a classic), here's the top 4:

"Survivor Cagayan" Power Rankings, Week 10

1. Tony:For the second straight week, it's Tony. It would take another post to recall all of his power moves this episode; finding the special idol (in a frantic search), pretending the idol was a fake (when it wasn't), bringing Jeffra back to his alliance after spying on her and Cass. He's a beast. (Last week: 1)

2. Spencer: Tony is leaps and bounds ahead at No. 1, but the second most powerful player is tough to finger. Spencer used his idol incorrectly, but he did have one. And he seems to be the leader on the minority alliance. Good for second place this week. (Last week: 2)

3. Tasha: She's become an immunity challenge beast! Two in a row and just barely hanging around. Who knows, if she keeps winning she could wind up in the discussion as a Final 3 possibility. (Last week: 3)

4. Cass:Maybe a dark horse here for No. 4 in our rankings, but she has become a sage and knowledgable player and has become a valuable member of the majority alliance. (Last week: unranked)

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