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SXSW: Paul Feig's 'Ghostbusters' update

While at SXSW to premiere 'Spy,' director Paul Feig gives Metro an update on his next project with Melissa McCarthy, the all-female 'Ghostbusters.'
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His reaction to news about that other, male-driven 'Ghostbusters':
"It was a surprise. I'd heard rumblings about it. It was just a bummer that the media played it as a men versus women thing, because that was nobody's intention. Honestly, I'm not sure what their master plan is. All I can do is concentrate on my four ladies who are going to kick ass."

Why he's making it a reboot:
"I really wanted to a new origin story just because it didn't feel as fun to me to come into a world that had two giant ghost paranormal crises. We all see shows about ghosts, but they all seem totally fringe and we don't believe that there's actually ghosts, generally. So what if suddenly a giant paranormal thing happened in our world? It would be a huge deal, and I find that interesting."

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How he's dealing with all the online vitriol:
"I've read plenty of angry tweets like, 'Just because that's the way you see it, you're going to ruin it for everybody else.' I'm always sympathetic to people's feelings on this stuff, but it really has exposed a lot. It's really s---ty, but it's also the curse of anonymity. People can just be f---ing assholes because it's easy, because you're not accountable for it at all. It's just a bummer because it's 2015. What world are we living in? Women are more than half the population of the world, why is there even a question? It's such an old-fashioned thing. I just try not to give it any credence. 'All right, you're lashing out about something, go ahead.'"


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