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Now, I'm not saying this necessarily has anything to do with this Awards Season's enduring theme of racial diversity issues, but it probably doesn't help.

Sylvester Stallone spent the first part of this weekend celebrating his "Creed" colleagues at the NAACP Image Awards and the second part apologizing for not quite sticking the landing on that celebration.

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“Presenting CREED at the NASCP Image awards. Great night, great audience! Our director, Ryan Cooglar and Michael B Jordon won!” Stallone posted to Instagram Saturday, and within two hours he had a humble follow-up: “Sorry for the miss spelling of NAACP and Jordan… Confidentially, besides everything else, I am slightly dyslexic."


So, just to be clear: Stallone is probably just old and clumsy when it comes to typing on his phone, not actually a careless racist. And while his social media team dropped the ball on spell-checking his post the first go-round, they did at least teach him about how you can edit them after the fact.

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