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Brangelina break-up Day 3: Tabloids claim Pitt under investigation for child abuse

But the LAPD says otherwise

Day 3 of the Pitt Jolie saga, the plot thickens.

This morning, TMZ reported that PItt is under investigation by the LAPD for child abuse. A source told TMZ that last Wednesday, Pitt got drunk on the family's private jet and became verbally and physically abusive to his kids.

When the jet landed, Pitt still appeared visibly introxicated and bystanders could hear him ranting. Rumor is he tried to leave in one of the airport's fuel trucks. Sources trace Jolie's divorce filings back to this specific incident.

Yet, when The Hollywood Reporter reached out to the LAPD for a statement,Sgt Barry Montgomery responded, "We have no criminal investigation we are actively pursuing."


The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services would neitherconfirm or deny the allegations.

Spokeswoman Amara Suarez said, "We have very strict confidentiality laws that don't allow us to confirm or deny the subjects of our investigation."

Let's hope it's just a rumor.

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