1 Nicole Richie is so fed up with photographers camped outside her daughter’s school that she sent paparazzi agency X17 a nasty letter telling them to watch themselves. “I am going to do a background check on each and every person that I see there. For the safety of my children and others,” her letter reads, according to Hollyscoop. Richie ended the letter just as strongly: “These are young children and you should know better. X17, you are irresponsible and repulsive. Consider this a warning.”

2 Mischa Barton is opening up about suffering from depression. “I am by no means mentally unstable. Well, I am pretty crazy and weird sometimes, but not mentally unstable,” Barton says, according to Hollyscoop. “I balance [depression] with positive things in my life and that’s why I have my outlets of music and literature. As much as I get down, I’m an upbeat person. People always think of me as kind of a light in a room — I love to make people laugh.” Barton was hospitalized in 2009 after suffering a nervous breakdown.