1 With six kids to keep an eye on, Angelina Jolie is definitely in a position to dole out parenting advice. Her biggest tip for parents? Enjoy the early years. “It goes so fast, and it is the best time in your life,” she says in an interview with Australia’s 2Day FM radio. “And strap them to you and hang out with them and sleep in the same bed with them and just love every second of it.” Jolie insists that her large family has kept her grounded. “We make a point to stay together as a family when we’re filming; in this town you’ve got to,” she says. “I think some people are affected by fame. I’m lucky that I have a lot of kids who keep me very, very grounded.”

2 So far so good for Lindsay Lohan, who has reportedly been passing all of her post-rehab drug tests, her dad, Michael Lohan, tells Hollyscoop. “Lindsay is doing four or five tests a week and she has passed all of them,” he says. Random drug-testing is a stipulation of Lindsay’s probation, and each failed test would mean 30 more days behind bars.

3 Though having twins at home can be a handful, Jennifer Lopez says she’d be “extremely happy” to become pregnant again. “I’d like to. As soon as I had the babies, I thought to myself, ‘I want to do this a thousand times. I love this. This is life,’” she tells Ellen DeGeneres. “I just thought, ‘It felt so great. This is what life is all about.’ And now that it’s, like, three years in, I’m like, ‘Can I do that again?’”

4 Still reeling from her split from Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift is reportedly taking a break from dating to focus on her music, according to Popeater. “Taylor is not exactly a loner, but she fares well on her own and will be fine if she doesn’t hook up with a guy immediately,” says a source, who adds that the timing of her breakup with Gyllenhaal — right before Christmas — wasn’t easy to handle.

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