1 After her arrest for public intoxication, Christina Aguilera’s friends are reportedly begging the singer to go into rehab, according to TMZ. “Maybe when she was married she was able to keep it under wraps, but it’s out in the open now,” a source says of Aguilera’s drinking. As for her arrest, Aguilera doesn’t have much legal trouble to worry about. “We have no desire to prosecute,” a law-enforce­ment spokesman tells People magazine. Mean­while, a bit of good news for the singer:?NBC announced yesterday that she will be a coach on the new musical competition series, “The Voice,” premiering April 26.

2 Katie Holmes has filed a libel suit against Star magazine for publishing a cover story insinuating she is a drug addict, according to Popeater. “Of all the fabricated stories that continue to be published about me, this instance is beyond the pale,” Holmes says in a statement. “The publisher knew this outrageous story was false and printed it anyway to sell magazines.”