Willfully unprepared

Natalie Portman is gearing up to welcome her first child this June, but that doesn’t mean she’s been stocking up on supplies. “I think it’s a Jewish thing to be kind of superstitious. You don’t do any of the baby stuff before the baby arrives,” Portman says, according to Hollyscoop. Portman also says she can’t complain about the pregnancy, for the most part: “My back is not feeling great right now, sitting for so long. But every­thing’s really great otherwise.”

Kate Middleton, no!

Kate Middleton is under a lot of stress, as her wedding to Prince William is just three weeks away. And sources say the soon-to-be royal may be smoking again to cope. “Only Princess Diana could understand the amount of pressure this young girl is experiencing,” a source tells Popeater. “She has always enjoyed an occasional cigarette — which suppresses her appetite — and has tried to give it up ... as William hates it.”

Wynonna Judd isn’t pleased

While Ashley Judd is making headlines with allegations about her family life in her new memoir, her sister, Wynonna Judd, isn’t pleased. “How she could betray her own flesh and blood with this disturbed view of what happened is shocking and hurtful,” a source tells Popeater of Wynonna’s reaction. Ashley’s book contains tales of abuse, neglect and depression as the girls’ mother, Naomi Judd, became a famous singer. “These ugly family accusations should be discussed in private ... not printed and sold to the public to make a quick buck,” the source says.